January 2

Animal Store

The prospects for success in a pet-care business are excellent because of the strong growth in the industry demonstrates what an important role pets play in the life of Americans. Pets have become a part of the family that is why they are pampered and are integral to people’s lives.

Most of those who started to put up their animal stores are usually pet-lovers with the intent to help animals and to guide people on how to take care and help animals as well.

Look for a lawyer who specializes in small businesses especially someone who is knowledgeable about the state agricultural laws and licensing required. The attorney will also handle all licensing and city ordinance issues. Hire an accountant who focuses on small business accounts to take care of your quarterly or yearly books of accounts.

Choosing for a location to put up your business is not that hard but it is best to put up your pet store business near the suburbs or the residential areas. If it is a new area for a pet shop, check first with the city council if the location is approved for a business like yours before leasing or buying the property. If you are leasing, inform the landlord that it is going to put up a pet shop. Let your attorney check the lease or purchase papers prior to signing or depositing money.

You should also decide on what kinds of animals and services you are going to offer. You also need licenses for animals you are going to sell, which your lawyer can also take care of. Specialize as much as possible so you will stand out from the other pet stores. You can offer additional services such as grooming and selling accessories for their pets.

You also have to hire additional help for cleaning and animal handling. It is your responsibility to properly train your staff about cleanliness and doing the paperworks. Remember that they should take care of very young animals to be adopted by a family.

Get a reputable animal distributor for the species you want to sell in your shop. You must also have a veterinarian to check the animals prior to sale and give a health certificate. Your lawyer will then draw up a contract of sale and health guarantee which will be given to the buyer of the animal. It should be complied upon and go beyond and above all state requirements on the sale of livestock.

Pet lovers would surely suit this business but since you get to take care of pets and sell them, make sure not to become emotionally attached to them.

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