April 14

Creating Play Areas For Pets

Creating a backyard that is friendly for both, your pets and your children does not have to be a difficult task. Pets need a friendly environment to feel at home whether it is in the house or outside. Bringing the house outside creates a friendlier environment for the pet that includes safety features for the family dog or cat. The family cat will love having a place to climb and recline in the sun, so consider one of those wooden cat exercise boxes for your little friend.

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Dogs need to have enough space to run and play without causing harm to the children. Plan to fence in a dog run so your dog gets both exercise and is not totally isolated from the family. Animals really do need socialization and react when they are deprived. They want to have natural grass and run space to keep their limbs healthy. Make sure the run error is free of any sharp edges and broken glass, which prove to be harmful both to pets and children. When the children are visiting, place folding chairs in places that give the children ample access to encourage play from the animals.

Place some large plants to encourage shade while providing sunshine for both children and animals. Some animals prefer running water to the still water of a pan so incorporate a pond with flowers on the top. You might even put a frog or two in the pond to encourage inquisitiveness on your animals and family members. You can place rugs on the wood areas or stone areas to bring the inside out. These rugs make your open areas look more comfortable and part of your home.

Incorporate wooden play yard equipment for the small children and table and chairs for the older children who wish to play board games and talk. Place rugs on the floor so if there are accidents while playing, they don’t hurt themselves. The table and chairs can have the same fabric as the adult outdoor furniture. The unique quality to the cushions is they can be taken in and stored during the winter months and put back out in the spring. Some of the cushions’ covers can be replaced for a more updated version especially if the children are growing older and want something more in tune with their ages. To make the best use of your outdoor furniture, you may opt to change cushions at the end of the summer or early spring as the companies have the sales. There will be more of a selection to choose from.

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